Hey, it’s Alex!  I’m here to help you grow  your skills in Watch Repair.  I’m all about equipping you with the tips, tools and processes to level up every area of your watch service, so you can achieve better results right now.

Where Would You Like To Start ?

Just Getting Started

 No Worries, I got you covered. I have a series of video’s designed to to give the new home watchmaker all the information you need to get started in watch service.

These first twenty videos will get you started and give you the basic building blocks to take a watch apart and give it a full service.

I use a St36 movement which is clone of the ETA/Unitas 6497. This is the first movement you would start with in watchmaking schools.

YouTube Videos

You know how to take a watch apart and put it back together, now start learning the finer points of how to properly clean and  lubricate a watch movement for great results in your service.

These video’s start moving into some of the basic knowledge and skills  presented for the home watchmaker.

In these video’s there is no fluff, only valuable information and are just a sampling of whats covered in my full watchmaking course.

Watchmaker Courses

 This course is as close to being in a watchmaking school as you can get with actually enrolling as a full time student.

Presented in easy to understand lesson plans with quiz’s to test your knowledge.

Watchmaker spend two years in school 8 hours a day before they can be tested and certified as watchmakers. We don’t have a certification but then again you don’t need one to be a competent watchmaker.


Inspecting and Adjusting the Escapement

By completing The 6 Point Escapement Inspection course, participants will gain the following benefits:

  • In-depth knowledge of escapements and their inner workings.
  • Enhanced skills in identifying and addressing common escapement issues.
  • Ability to perform a comprehensive 6 point escapement inspection.
  • Increased confidence in maintaining and repairing mechanical watches.
  • Improved timekeeping accuracy and performance of mechanical timepieces.

The Secrets for Adjusting Watch Rates eBook

How to Equalize Horizontal and Vertical Positions

In these 50 pages you will uncover the basic principles behind timekeeping accuracy and learn how to identify common issues and make the adjustments that will affect your watch’s rate.

  •  Learn How to Equalize Dial Positions
  •  Horizontal and Vertical Rate Equalization
  • Adjustments for Horizontal Positions
  • Adjustments for Vertical Positions
  • Adjustments for All Positions

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