The Secrets for Adjusting Watch Rates

How to Equalize Horizontal and Vertical Positions


Are you tired of your watch repairs and services not keeping accurate time? Look no further! “The Secrets for Adjusting Watch Rates” is here to help you unlock the mystery of Watch Regulation.

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In this comprehensive guide, I reveal the expert techniques and insider tips that will allow you to take control of your watch service accuracy. Whether you’re a new watchmaker or a more experienced professional, this guide is your ultimate companion.

Inside "The Secrets for Adjusting Watch Rates," you will discover:

The Fundamentals of Watch Adjustment:

Uncover the basic principles behind timekeeping accuracy and learn how to identify common issues affecting your watch’s rate.

  • ┬áLearn How to Equalize Dial Positions
  • ┬áHorizontal and Vertical Rate Equalization
  • Adjustments for Horizontal Positions
  • Adjustments for Vertical Positions
  • Adjustments for All Positions


Tips from a Retired Watchmake


Benefit from the wisdom of a seasoned watchmaker as I share my expert advice and insider secrets to achieving exceptional timekeeping performance.